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Access Terms of Segyero Emigration Co., Ltd.


Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of these Access Terms (“Terms”) is to define the rights, obligations, and duties between Segyero Emigration Co., Ltd.(“Company”) and the users (“Member” individually, “Members” collectively) in using service (“Service”) provided through the Company’s website ( (“Site”).

Article 2 (Definitions)

(1) In these Terms, the following terms have the following meanings, except where the context otherwise requires:
- “ service” refers to the bulletin board and the whole of services provided in the site.
- “Member” refers to a person who accesses the site, enters into the service use contract with the Company by agreeing to these Terms, and is issued User ID Number and Password.
- “Use Contract” refers to all contracts concluded between the Company and member regarding the use of service including these Terms.
- “User ID” refers to the combination of numbers and letters that a member chooses and the Company approves and grants for member identification and service use.
- “Password” refers to the combination of numbers and letters that a member sets up and manages for confirming the user corresponding to the user ID and privacy protection of member in using service.
- “Member Information” refers to information about the user’s personal details including, but not limited to, user ID, name, address, etc that the user registers in the Company at the time the user enters into the use contract.
- “Terminal” refers to the computation apparatus including, but not limited to, PC, PDA, smartphone, etc the member uses for accessing to service.
- “Withdrawal” refers that the Company or a member rescinds the use contract.

Article 3 (Effect and Amendment of Terms)

(1) These Terms shall be posted online through site, become effective through the approval of the Company and consent of member and if rational reasons occur, the Company may amend these Terms within the range that does not violate the relevant laws and regulations. The amended terms shall become effective by posting duly through site.
(2) Member is encouraged to access to site regularly and check the changes in these terms. The Company is not responsible for damages caused to member as the member does not now the change in these terms.
(3) If member does not agree the amended terms, the Company may request the withdrawal (revocation) of the member.

Article 4 (Rules other than Terms)

The Company, if necessary, may lay down individual terms or operating regulations with respect to individual items (“Service-specific instructions”) and if there is a conflict or controversy between these terms and the service-specific instructions, the service-specific instructions shall have precedence over these terms.


Article 5 (Establishment of Use Contract)

(1) Use Contract is established by the user’s agreement to the terms and condition of Use Contract and the Company’s consent to the application for use.
(2) By click “Agreement” Button on the prescribed application form of the application for use, the intention to the agreement of Use Contract is declared.
Article 6 (Application for Use of Service)

(1) The user who wants to use service as a member shall provide all the information (User ID, Password, Name, Contact, etc) requested by Site.
(2) Members are entitled to use service after providing personal information. If a member uses other’s information illegally or provides false information, the member is not able to assert his/her right to use service and is subject to punishment pursuant to relevant laws and regulations.
(3) To become a member, the only real personal information should be provided and the Company retains the right to check the truth of information registered by the member. The member shall cooperate with the Company for the check in good faith or not the Company may treat the information registered by the member as illegal.
(4) The Company may classify members into level and provide members with discriminative service in use hours, frequency, service menu, etc depending on the level.

Article 7 (Protection and Use of Personal Information)

(1) The Company shall make every effort to protect the personal information of members as provided in the relevant laws and regulations. The relevant laws and regulations and personal information protection policy of the Company apply to the protection and use of personal information. Provided, that personal information protection policy of the Company shall not apply to linked sites other than the Company’s official site. In addition, each member should keep his/her personal information including password a secret not to be disclosed to others and the Company is not responsible for the information disclosed due to reasons attributable to the member.
(2) The Company may provide personal information of the member within the scope permitted by law in the following cases to a third party:
- In case of asked to provide information from investigative authorities or other government agencies;
- In case it is necessary to protect information protection business of checking a member’s fraudulent act as well as the violation of the laws and regulations; or
- In case of required by law

Article 8 (Acceptance of Application for Use and Restrictions)
(1) With regard to the application for use pursuant article 5 and 6 hereof, the Company accepts the use of service in order of receipt if there is no operating or technical obstacle.
(2) In case of falling under any of the following paragraphs, the Company may withhold the acceptance of application of use:
- In case of applying for use without providing accurate personal information;
- In case of applying for the purpose of violating laws and regulations, disturbing peace and order in the society or harming our traditional custom;
- In case of using service with unjustifiable purpose;
- In case of using service for the purpose of seeking profit;
- In case an user who is in competition with service;
- In case of being applied by an user that the use contract with the user had been cancelled by the violation of laws or terms; or
- In case of applying in violation of other provisions hereof
(3) In case of falling under any of the following subparagraphs, the Company may withhold the acceptance of application of use until the cause of restriction is released:
- In case of lack of capacity in site
- In case of technical obstacle
- In case it is difficult to accept the use due to reasons attributed to the Company
(4) If the client applying for use is a minor by law, the Company may withhold its acceptance as provided in the service-specific instructions.
(5) In case of detecting any reason falling under the preceding subparagraphs (2) after the completion of application process, the Company may rescind the acceptance of use.

Article 9 (Change of User ID, etc)

In case of falling under any of the following subparagraphs, the Company may change the User ID upon request of member or ex officio:
(1) In case it is determined that that there is likely to infringe the privacy of the member because the member’s user ID consists of the member’s phone number, ID no, etc;
(2) In case it is determined that there is likely to give a feeling of aversion to others or harm our traditional custom;
(3) In case there are reasonable reasons predetermined by the Company;
(4) Members are responsible for managing their user ID and passwords. The Company is not responsible for damage or liability in using service resulting from unauthorized use by a third party caused by members’ negligence.
(5) Other matters concerning the management and change of member’s personal information shall follow as prescribed in the service-specific instructions.


Article 10 (Obligations of the Company)

(1) The Company shall allow the members to use service unless there are special circumstances.
(2) When a failure or loss on the service system occurs, the Company shall repair or recover it without delay unless there are unavoidable circumstances.
(3) The Company shall build a security system and post and comply with personal information security policy for protecting personal information of members.
(4) If opinions or complaints arising from the members are objectively accepted as being reasonable, the Company shall deal with them immediately through a proper procedure. If it is difficult to deal with them immediately, the Company shall notify the members of the reasons and treatment schedule.

Article 11 (Obligations of Members)

(1) Members shall provide the Company with accurate personal information based on facts at the time of applying for membership or changing the personal information. If a member registers a false or someone else's information, the member cannot claim any rights related thereto.
(2) Members shall comply with the provisions as provided in these Terms, other rules and notices provided by the Company, and the relevant laws and regulations and shall not do any acts that may obstacle the Company’s business, bring disgrace on the Company or harm another person.
(3) If there is any change in the items of use contract, such as address, tel., e-mail, etc, the member shall notify the Company of the change without delay through related procedures.
(4) Members shall not transfer or donate the right to use service and/or the contractual status to others or offer them as security without express consent of the Company.
(5) Members shall not infringe any and all rights including intellectual property of the Company or a third party or do an act falling under any of article 17 hereof.


Article 12 (Service Hours)

(1) Members can use service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week unless operational or technical obstacles. The Company may temporarily stop service on the date and/or hours posted by the Company through the site in advance for regular check, extension or replacement of system.
(2) The Company may temporarily stop its service, wholly or in part, without advance notice owing to unavoidable circumstances, such as urgent system check, extension and replacement, system failure, a flood of use, state of national emergency, power failure, etc.
(3) In case it is necessary to operate service, such as service reorganization, the Company may temporarily stop its service, wholly or in part, after advance notice.

Article 13 (Posting, etc)

(1) Posting refers to all types of articles, photos, files, links, etc posted by members in using the service.
(2) If the post registered by a member causes damages or other problems to the member himself/herself or others, the responsibility falls on not the Company unless there are special circumstances contrary, but the member posted.
(3) In case of falling under any of the following posting, the Company may take proper measures, such as temporary stop of posting, modification, deletion, transfer, or refusal to registration:
- In case of offering another member or to a third party several insult or damaging the honor;
- In case of spreading or linking information in violation of public order and public morals;
- In case of promoting illegal replica or hacking;
- In case of working for the purpose of commercial advertising;
- In case it is objectively recognized as being tied to the criminal;
- In case of infringing the copyrights or any other rights of another user or a third party;
- In case it is determined not meet to the nature of the Company’s service as personal political or religious opinion;
- In case of against the positing principles defined in the Company or not coincide with the characteristics of the board; or
- In case it is determined as violating other laws and regulations
(4) In case of receiving a request to stop the posting for reasons of defamation or infringement of intellectual property rights from a third party, the Company may stop the posting (discontinuation of transmission). In case there is relevant authorities’ decision on the litigation between the between the requestor and the post registrant or agreement between the both parties, the Company shall follow it upon receipt of such decision or agreement.
(5) In case posting is stopped temporarily, the posting member may request a re-post (restarting transmission) to the Company. If not requesting the re-post within 3months from the date of stop, the Company may delete the post.

Article 14 (Copyright of the post)

(1) The copyright and intellect property for the posts or works created by the Company shall belong to the Company.
(2) The copyright and intellect property for the posts or works created by members shall belong to the members. Provided, that the Company may use the posts registered by members as follows for the purpose of operation, display, transmission, distribution, and advertisement of service without additional consent of members with rational range in conformity with fair practice specified in copyright law:
- Duplication, revision, modification, display, transmission, distribution, and creating edited work without damaging the nature of original work posted by the member
- Providing affiliate partners, such media and news agency with the contents posted by a member or allowing them to display or advertise. In this case, the Company shall not provide the member’s personal information except user ID without additional consent of the member.
(3) In case of using the posts of members by the methods except the preceding subparagraphs, the Company shall get the member’s prior consent by means of phone, fax, e-mail, etc.
(4) Where a member terminates the use contract, all the posts recorded in his/her account (ex. Mail, Blog, etc) are deleted except the posts that are reposted or reproduced by other members, combined with other member’s posts or registered on public bulletin board.

Article 15 (Provision of Information)

(1) The Company may provide its members with all sorts of information that are recognized as being necessary to use service by means of e-mail, post, SMS, phone, etc.
(2) The Company may collect additional personal information pursuant to relevant laws and regulations under consent for members for the purpose of service improvement or introduction of service to the potential members.

Chapter V Termination and Limitation

Article 16 (Change and Termination)

(1) A member who wants to terminate this use contract shall terminate the membership through the menu of [Member Information] in the service personally.
(2) In case the Company intends to terminate this use contract to a member, the membership registration shall be terminated in accordance with the Company’s personal information protection policy. In this case, the Company shall notify the member of the fact. In case of terminating this use contact ex officio, the member shall have the opportunity to explain before erasure.

Article 17 (Service Use Limitation)

In case of violating the preceding article 11 hereof in using the service or falling under any of the following subparagraphs, the Company may take measures of restriction on service use, initialization, termination of use contract or other proportional response:
- In case of registering illegal information on the membership information, using other’s user ID, password and/or other personal information illegally or trading or providing user ID to other;
- In case of spreading information, symbols, figures, sounds, images, etc containing smutty or indecent word or expression in violation of public order and public morals or word or expression violating someone else's honor and privacy;
- In case of ridiculing or threatening another user or causing pain and or discomfort to a particular user continuously;
- In case of changing the client program of the site, hacking the site server or changing information posted in the site, wholly or in part without granting special power or authority from The Company;
- In case of duplicating, publishing, broadcasting or offering information obtained from service to a third party without prior consent of the Company;
- In case of interfering with the service’s normal operation on purpose or impersonating an operator, employee or person concerned of the Company;
- In case the relevant public authorities including information communication ethics companies require correction;
- In case of having not used the service of over three (3) months;
- In case of violating the provisions defined in the Company including these terms and being determined objectively as being tied with crime


Article 18 (Compensation for damages)

(1) In case a site user causes damage to the other party with respect to the service use, intentionally or negligently, the user shall be liable for damage it.
(2) With respect to the use of the service for free, the Company shall not be liable for any damages if not violating the contents set forth in the personal information protection policy.

Article 19 (Exemption Provisions)
(1) In case it is impossible to provide the service because of Acts of God, war, stop of service by key telecommunications business operator, and other uncontrollable natural disasters, the Company’s responsibility to provide the service shall be exempted.
(2) The Company shall be exempted from the liability to compensate damages incurred by unavoidable circumstances including, but not limited to maintenance, replacement, regular check, work for the service equipment
(3) In case of damage caused by the member’s computer or loss caused by insufficient or incorrect provision of member’s personal information, e-mall and/or address, the Company shall not be responsible for it.
(4) The Company shall not be responsible for unmet or lost expected profit of the member in using the service and damage caused by data obtained from the service.
(5) The Company shall disclaim all the responsibility for the reliability, accuracy, etc of all information, data and/or facts posted by members and have no obligations to intervene in a dispute between members and a third party arising by the medium of the service and be not liable for damage arising therefrom.
(6) The Company shall not have obligations to preliminary review on the members’ posts or check, examine or review the contents of posts regularly, and disclaim all the responsibility for the results arising therefrom.

Article 20 (Notice)

(1) If necessary, the Company may notify a member of something in the e-mail address registered in the site by the member.
(2) In case of notifying unspecified members, the Company may post it on the memo and notice board for 7 days or more instead of individual notice.

Article 21 (Jurisdiction and Governing Law)

(1) Unless expressly provided in these terms, it shall follow Telecommunications Business Act, the relevant laws and regulations of Rep. of Korea, and commercial practices.
(2) All the lawsuits arising from the use of service shall be exclusively brought in the Seoul Central District Court of Rep. of Korea.


These Terms shall become effective on and after Sep. 26, 2011.
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Personal information handling policies

■ Collection of personal information and Purpose of Use

<Segyero Emigration Co., Ltd.> (Segyero Emigration Co., Ltd. Site) collects personal information for the following purpose: The collected personal information shall be used for the following purposes only and the change of purpose shall be subject to prior consent of members:

A. Homepage member sign-up and management
Personal information is collected and used for the purpose of checking the intention of membership; membership qualification maintenance & management; ombudsman; record retention for dispute resolution, etc.

B. Provision of Service
Personal information is collected for the purpose of provision of emigration service and counsel of qualification judgment, etc.

C. Practical Use for Marketing and Advertisement
Personal information is collected and used for the purpose of introduction of new program, provision of information for event and advertisement, etc.

■ Items of personal information to be collected

The Company shall collect the following personal information while the user uses the service provided by Segyero Emigration Co., Ltd. as the member of <Segyero Emigration Co., Ltd.> (“”):

- Items of personal information: Name, Login ID, Password, Home Address, Cellular Phone No., Date of Birth, Home Phone No., e-mail

■ Period of retention and use of personal information

While the user uses the service provided by Segyero Emigration Co., Ltd. as the member of <Segyero Emigration Co., Ltd.> (“”), the Company retains the user’s personal information continuously and uses for provision of service.

However, according to the procedures and methods described in the details of the personal data destruction, data deleted by the member personally or according to the request of membership withdrawal shall be removed completely in the method that it is impossible to recover, read or use since then.

In addition if it is necessary to retain such information in accordance with Commercial Law, Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, Etc, and relative laws and regulations Code, <Segyero Emigration Co., Ltd.> ("") shall retain the member’s information for a period of time determined by the relevant laws. In this case the personal information of user of <Segyero Emigration Co., Ltd.> ("") shall be used for the purpose of retention only and the retention periods are as follows

- Collection Method: Written format, Homepage, Tel/Fax
- Ground of Retention: Record of service provision, contract or application withdrawal
- Period for Retention: Record of Contract or Application Withdrawal – 5years
                     Record of Payment and supply of Goods – 5years
                     Record of consumer’s complaints or dispute resolution- 3years
- Reason of Retention: Prevention of illegal Use
- Related Law: Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, Etc

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