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Title [The U.S.A Life] What is day care or child care? 2016-01-18




Hello. This is Virginia Reporter of SangSang the U.S.A story.

Today, we want to know day care in the U.S.A.


First of all, The United States divides the age as shown below.


1.       Infant ? under 0 ~ 12 Months

2.       Toddler ? 1 ~ 2 age (13-30 months)

3.       Pre-school  1 ? 2 ~ 3 age (31-36 months)

4.       Pre-school 2 ? 3 ~ 4 age

5.       Pre-K ? 4~ 5 age






** Day care = Child care **


Day care mean take care of a child until the law can be alone from just born.






America is a very strictly managed to keep the children home alone. If the United States is only 14 years old, you can be alone at home “on the day.” (But, they cannot be alone at home under 17)

But, Maryland is minimum 8 age, Oregon is 10 age.




Day care or Child care place is taken care of babies instead of parents.

Day care cost is very different each state, age, and places. If your child is very young, price will be more high cost.

Day care is also taken care of every time is different from the usual Monday through Friday. Usually 9 to 6 pm. The additional cost is subject over time.


According to the AAP (The American Academy of Pediatrics) standard, age is determined by one teacher. Depending on day care conditions, one teacher has 4 infant. The higher the age of the children may increase slightly.

Pre-school children attending also are protected by the day care again. The day care taken care until the parents brought the child to come directly from the school.




<Infant children sleep in the bed such as photo>

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