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Title [The U.S.A life] How to get a solution about insurance when have a car accident 2016-01-11





Hello. This is Virginia Reporter of SangSang the U.S.A story.

Today, I want to introduce about when has a car accident in the U.S.A, how to handle and process.

 Everyone already knows about accident situation, but most people do not know how to make a claim to insurance company. That is why it caused the damage did not know. Of course, it was not all same steps for car accident, but it was basic information.



How to cope when traffic accident



*At the scene of an accident*



1. Set up warning sign for prevents the other traffic accident.

2. Check out the injured the other party and me.

3. Exchanged information each other. (Identification, insurance card, phone number, Vehicle owner, insurance issue date, and Vehicle registration card)

4. Call police ? Participate investigate actively to police and make a statement about my opinion. If the other party has opposite opinion about situation, you need to appeal opinion rightly also. You can request translator to the police if you need.

5. Take gets spot pictures

6. Report a traffic accident to the insurance company

             a. Request translator if cannot speak English well

             b. Need Information: Insurance Number, Driver Name, Accident time, Accident Place, Weather State, Driver Condition (Using phone, etc), Vehicle Number, Vehicle model, Vehicle Year, Vehicle Color, Vehicle owner, Accident Sequence, Injury Condition and etc… if do not know exactly, you can say do not know.

             c. If the other party’s fault, stake a claim to the insurance company partner.

d. If a car is not good, need to request a car towing service. - Deviation insurance is available towing service from insurance company. I paid money first and then I make a claim invoice to insurance company.

7. Appoint an Adjuster from the insurance company. (Available translator if you want)

8. Adjuster make an estimate for car where are located in the vehicle. (Do not fixed a car before make an estimate)

             a. Estimate the cost of repairs to get out checks.

b. If you need rent a car, insurance company will appoint to near by rental car center. If you can not go directly there, rental car center can do pickup service.

(If you rental a car yourself, you cannot get compensation.

9. Fixed the car from the car repair shop.






*Other vehicle-related claims



1.       Windshield Replacement because of stone bounces (Available as Comprehensive) When you call the insurance company makes replacement windshield from where the car is parked.

2.       Flat tire. There is no guarantee but you can use towing service.

3.       Left the key inside a car and locked out. Available load side service. (Insurance company giving a free service once a year)

4.       Driver bumped against a tree. (Available as Collision)

5.       Car accident at the parking lot. (Whose fault it clearly judged necessary)

6.       Animal be hit by a car. (Available as Comprehensive)





*US auto accident-related terms


- At fault: Mistake myself

- Not at fault: Not mistake myself

- Comprehensive: Natural disaster

- Collision: Damage a car myself

- File a claim/ Report a claim: Report to Police

- Towing & Labor: Towing service

- Deductible: A policyholder set up the amount make a contract, so except for the amount of compensation and the rest. (If deductible is $250, Car repair fee is $1000, guarantee is $750 from insurance company)

- Total Loss: scrap a car

- Subrogation: Require a guarantee to the other insurers in the insurance and receiving process

- Salvage storage: Established vehicle accident collection in the state



If you know like this, it will be help to you when you have a car accident.