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Title [The U.S.A Life] The end of year the U.S.A shopping 2016-01-07






Hello. This is Virginia Reporter of SangSang the U.S.A story.

Today, I want to introduce about the end of year the U.S.A Shopping life.


 Did you go to shopping?

This question is the most frequently among acquaintances in American at the end of year.

A lot of people make a line for figure out money in front of department store and shopping mall.

In front of department store and shopping mall, many people make a line for payment


There are a lot of sales in each holiday, but the biggest sale start from black Friday to December 31. Sale percentage is increasing until end of December. After that, when people are go to shopping center on January, they cannot find Sale sign in anywhere.






Black Friday


Black Friday / Thanksgiving Day (Last Thursday, November) Next day Last Friday, November. It will begin holiday shopping season. It corresponds to about 20% of the United States the annual consumption. Black Friday Shopping starts Night 12pm. Each shop has different sale for Black Friday. For example, $800 Samsung TV sells to $100 for only 5 people who came there first. Usually, cannot buy this sales price.




<Make a line at Best Buy (electronic store)>



<People jumped up as soon as the shutter is coming>


Costco, Outlet and various shopping malls preview advertising that will be sold at cheap price. Please note a great opportunity to catch up in the next year.




Boxing Day


December 26 each year

It was originated by old Europe lord gave a gift to residents in box.

This mean was not in stock the day in the America.

Someone said that fighting was also known as the day called Boxing Day to win.




< There are many people in the shopping center >


If do not need as soon as items, make a note and check next year.

Please hope to help you see when purchasing goods.


** Outlet Shopping Tip


Print out Coupon book after become a VIP member from  (Premium Outlet)

There is no join fee and print out from Smart Phone.


Receive two Coupon book. Print Coupon book and include VIP Coupon book.

Changed the VIP Coupon book at the Information Center



<Coupon book- all shopping shop information>


Entire purchase 50% up at the end of year

Buy items with almost 60% discount (Store discount 50% + Coupon discount)